What if Rob Gronkowski was black

This was tweeted right now and I have every reason to agree with it. I would like to say that I wouldn’t be racist and I would view people all equally, but that’s now how we’ve been trained in this society.

The black athlete comes from a violent background and they have no structure of responsibility. That’s the mentality we’re expected to accept from all black athletes. It’s unfair but the above tweet made me realize that this is the way we’re wired to think.

Obviously what Gronkowski is doing is irresponsible no matter who the athlete is. But somehow, someway, we’re giving him way too much leeway based on the color of his skin.

Can we ever get past the skin color and treat every athlete equally? Unfortunately we won’t. There will always be a certain image the general public and the media will perceive black athletes and I don’t know if it will ever go away.

Does the new Warriors sleeve jerseys mean more advertising space?

So much advertising space.

The talk of having ads on NBA uniforms is getting closer and closer to a reality. And with the unveiling of the new Warriors sleeve jerseys, one has to wonder if these two will come together.

After all, look at all that advertising real estate on the jersey. There’s so much room on the sleeves to place an ad.

However, as Uni Watch points out, maybe the sleeves won’t be the place where the ads are placed. If you want prime exposure for cameras and photos, the best place to put the ad would be on the front of the jersey.

But what is a concern is that with the new Warriors jersey, other teams will likely join along in the process. As early as next season, more NBA teams could very well feature the same sleeve jerseys as the Warriors. The college teams outfitted by Adidas are set to wear them later this season — potentially during the NCAA Tournament.

Even if the ads aren’t placed on the sleeves, this is a sign of things to come in the NBA.

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Redskins post article on team website saying they’re ‘proud’ of nickname

Just because other people are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right. What a strange thing to post on the team site.

Indians add Bourn in latest impressive move

Good job, Indians. After faltering so bad in August, you’ve made yourselves relevant this offseason. I like the addition and I think that with Terry Francona leading the way, the Indians won’t be cellar dwellers this year. Watch out!