Does the new Warriors sleeve jerseys mean more advertising space?

So much advertising space.

The talk of having ads on NBA uniforms is getting closer and closer to a reality. And with the unveiling of the new Warriors sleeve jerseys, one has to wonder if these two will come together.

After all, look at all that advertising real estate on the jersey. There’s so much room on the sleeves to place an ad.

However, as Uni Watch points out, maybe the sleeves won’t be the place where the ads are placed. If you want prime exposure for cameras and photos, the best place to put the ad would be on the front of the jersey.

But what is a concern is that with the new Warriors jersey, other teams will likely join along in the process. As early as next season, more NBA teams could very well feature the same sleeve jerseys as the Warriors. The college teams outfitted by Adidas are set to wear them later this season — potentially during the NCAA Tournament.

Even if the ads aren’t placed on the sleeves, this is a sign of things to come in the NBA.

Under David Stern’s rule as commissioner, he made sure that corporate logos would never appear on an on-court uniform. So far, he has been able to follow through on it. But as he is set to leave and be replaced by Adam Silver, Stern has got the ball rolling on changing his stance. Not only are ads on the way, but the decision to allow sleeved jerseys show that the image of the NBA is changing.

No longer will the image of the uniforms be solely that of the NBA’s brand. Now it’s a sign of the times where money rules the league and marketing the most out of everything is the key agenda.

Remember, Adidas manufactures most of the soccer jerseys for the top professional teams in the world. They already have the experience in adding ads on uniforms. These sleeved NBA jerseys already look like soccer jerseys. The more change the NBA makes for the way jerseys look, the more likely they want to make other changes to the jersey — including advertisements.

The NHL, NFL and MLB have been pretty good in preventing major advertisement patches on their gameday uniforms. But they’ve already invaded practice gear and soon enough, they could follow the NBA and add ads on the jerseys. It’s only a matter of time before the top four major sports will look like soccer or NASCAR.

Soon enough, teams will be known for their advertisements rather than their actual team name. I don’t watch soccer but I know there was a team called BWIN. And that will come to the casual NBA fan. They’re not the Miami Heat, they’re Team Dell.


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