Michael Jordon on the Cover of This Week’s Sports Illustrated

It’s a nice cover. With ESPN reminding us every minute of this, I like SI doing this simple cover with all that is his airness.

Inside Sports Illustrated

MJCoverYears after he last took the court, Michael Jordan is still a major presence in sports culture. To celebrate the iconic superstar’s 50th birthday, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has placed Jordan on its February 18th cover for a record 50th time. In this week’s issue, Senior writer Phil Taylor (@SI_PhilTaylor) looks at Jordan’s lasting effect on basketball, and sports in general, and examines his recent stint as a basketball executive for the Charlotte Bobcats.

“Depending on your generation, realizing that His Airness is now eligible for senior discounts is like the first time you heard the Rolling Stones on an oldies station or saw Winona Ryder playing someone’s mom,” Taylor writes. (PAGE 36)

Jordan, who built his own brand and spoiled us with his heroic performances, now spends his days at his $12.4 million mansion in Jupiter, Fla., or his $3.2 million condo in downtown Charlotte…

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