Happy 50th birthday, Michael Jordan!

Happy birthday!

Happy 50th birthday! Thank you for changing the game and making my time watching you in the 1990s so memorable.

I will ignore the bad business decisions you’ve made with the Bobcats and Wizard. In fact, I will forget everything you did with the Wizards. That time you played baseball, that never happened. Your numerous retirements, that never happened either.

To me, you will always be that Chicago Bull with a fiery passion, nasty defense and a clutch gene I have never seen before in anyone else.

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Was NBA slam dunk contest winner pre-determined before fan voting ended?

Was the winner of the dunk contest pre-determined before the voting period ended?

During the dunk contest, fans had the opportunity to text, tweet or vote online for the winner of the slam dunk contest. The winner was in the fans’ hands.

They had a countdown clock so fans knew how much time was left before the voting period ended.

But curiously, Nick Cannon was handed an envelope which appeared to have the results. This was with nine seconds remaining in the voting countdown. Were the results of the voting already tallied before the voting period ended?

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