Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman show us why Twitter was created

Why was Twitter created? For exchange of information of course.

Or as Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis showed us Wednesday afternoon, it’s also their outlet to one up each other on who’s a better shutdown corner.

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The MLB postgame press conference caps are here because we are all about branding and selling merchandise

Not necessary.

What was talked about before is now officially official. Check out these press conference caps for all MLB teams.

ALL CAPS CAN BE SEEN RIGHT HERE with some logo misplacements.

This is what I had feared. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. But for branding, merchandising and all that, it’s smart business.

The design is very simple. It gives off that rugged look, which I don’t know if it really does much. The league logo on the side with the team logo on the right.

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Spring Training tickets are here!

Ready to go!

Ever since I started watching baseball as a kid, I’ve always wanted to go see a Spring Training game. Barring any misfortunes, I will be able to do that next weekend.

This is exciting. I get to see the A’s in action and I get to soak up the awesome atmosphere. I’ll hopefully get autographs from some players, watch the game from all kinds of angles and hopefully get to say I saw the team as they were preparing for their World Series run.

Since I live in Los Angeles, seeing the A’s is a bit tougher. But with Phoenix not too far, this was a must. I’m ready!

WR Keenan Allen, projected first-round pick, won’t work out at NFL Combine

I remember watching Allen play ball and I know he can be an explosive receiver in the NFL. He’s not like Percy Harvin, but has some similar qualities. I hope he can make it big in the NFL and prove his value if his health holds up.