Surreal, Frightening Images From Daytona International Speedway Crash

It really sucks that people 28 people were hurt (two seriously injured), but this really furthers my point that NASCAR is not a sport. I just can’t accept people calling it a sport when there is constant danger from flying machine parts that can’t be controlled. Operating a car doesn’t make a sport. I know it’s tough to do it, but there are a lot of other tough things in the world and we don’t all label them sports. Probably my disdain for NASCAR is higher than the average person, but seriously, things like this really make me dislike anyone calling it a sport.

Yankees fighting for the right to be called the “Evil Empire”

So evil.

The Yankees know that not a lot people like them. In fact, they have accepted the nickname the “Evil Empire.” So when someone decides to try to take that name, the Yankees step in.

Apparently the Yankees don’t want anyone to use that nickname in the baseball world. They want to keep that name. They want to be called that name. They’ve accepted the fact that they are evil.

And it’s pretty fair to call this team evil. With their stupid facial hair rules, their spending and their constant vice grip on anything fun, I think no better name fits the Yankees.

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