Jaguars not abandoning their roots, will have a teal alternate jersey

Teal will still be part of the Jaguars’ uniform set.

The Jaguars are going in a new direction. They’ve already introduced a new logo, and have made black their primary jersey color. But one thing that will remain with them is the emphasis on teal.

In a fan forum, president Mark Lamping addressed the team’s identity in regards to teal.

“The goal was to make a change,” Lamping said. “The idea was to continue to have teal be a part of every uniform that we wear, and that that teal jersey would become our version of that Notre Dame green jersey. Notre Dame has a green jersey they wear occasionally. You don’t know when they’re going to wear it, but when they bring it out, there’s tremendous support and it gets a lot of attention.

“We still do have our teal jersey. We’re just returning it for special occasions.”

When the team introduced the black jerseys in 2012, it was a sign of the team’s desire to make black their primary color. But as you can tell by the new logo, teal is still a part of the team’s fabric. Now we know that the teal will be an alternate jersey.

Comparing it to Notre Dame is a little odd since the Irish bust out their alternate green jerseys normally for major matchups. Could the Jaguars have that kind of approach to the teal? It’s hard to tell since they don’t have a huge history as a franchise, but if they are reserved for the big games, it could be a big selling point in terms of merchandise.

Franchises are allowed to wear their alternates no more than twice a season, so the Jaguars have to figure out which is the best opportunity to wear them and get the exposure.

One thing I do hope to see is the popularity of the teal jerseys becoming a major topic of discussion. When the Falcons debuted their current set, black was their primary jersey with the red as their alternate. The popularity of the red jersey was overwhelming that the Falcons decided to make that their primary.

Maybe that could happen with the Jaguars. There are plenty of teams that wear black as a primary and none with teal. Teal works for this team and I hope they don’t fall away from that.

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