My 2013 MLB predictions — which could very well be totally wrong

My partially bias ways tells me the A’s win the West again thanks to Yoenis Cespedes’ big year. 

Last year I didn’t really make a prediction post and I am glad I didn’t because I would have been wrong with everything. But with the new divisions and the possibility of the season being so crazy, why not? This is not very well researched but I’ll do my best.

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What the new Miami Dolphins uniform will look like

Check this out. Ben Volin is a Dolphins beat writer and he describes what the new Dolphins uniforms will look like through his Twitter.

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Loyalty means nothing in the world of NCAA sports

We’ve seen all too often in college sports. A coach will just get up and leave a school to coach elsewhere. The contract they had, the verbal commitment they said, were all thrown out the window. And today, Steve Alford leaves New Mexico to coach at UCLA.

Even though Alford had signed a 10-year extension with New Mexico, he just got up and left. Even though he said a few days earlier about his commitment, he got up and left. And what about those recruits that came to play for him? They’re stuck.

This isn’t fair and this is the shame that comes with the NCAA. There’s so much money that comes in to lure coaches. The players don’t see a dime. The players make the money for these coaches. The coaches just get up and go.

There has to be a better way to regulate this. Even though it’s not against the rules, it’s hurting college sports. It’s hurting these student-athletes’ futures.

Ex-NFL player Kwame Harris hopes outing helps gay athletes

One day there will be an athlete that comes out while still active and there will be some kind of negative reaction. There will also be a positive reaction too. I hope that athletes who are gay don’t have to worry about living in fear.

There’s too much fear for officials in the NBA to make the right call

It takes courage to make the right call? What do you mean it takes courage? It’s their job to make the right call.

Here’s my problem. The right call is calling that foul. It doesn’t matter if it was Kobe Bryant. You don’t cost a team the opportunity to tie the game just because of reputation.

I know this has gone on long before today in the NBA but lately, the officiating has been really bad. And to say that an official has to have courage to do the right thing? That is absurd when the foul is so clear. I’m really embarrassed about this. No player is bigger than the game.

Why I don’t do fantasy baseball anymore


Last year was the first time in about 10 years that I didn’t do fantasy baseball. It was a relief for me.

Now as most of you know, baseball is my favorite sport and naturally fantasy should be something I do. But last year I didn’t re-join my old league and I enjoyed the summer so much differently. Even though I do keep tabs on players, I didn’t have to worry about stats or anything. My nights of studying up matchups ended.

I would have joined this year if I had more friends that wanted to do it, but not enough people care about it and have the desire to go through a long season. Also, I don’t like joining public leagues so again this year, I am giving it a break.

My enjoyment of baseball is better now and maybe in the future I’ll come back. But after the fun I had last season watching the A’s, I think I’ll be OK with another year without worries.

Dolphins confirm logo leaks and blame Nike for it

The leaked logo on

Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee says that the leaks that have surfaced the Internet of the new Dolphins logo is accurate and Nike is the blame for it. They had planned to slowly roll out elements of the new logo (and subsequent new uniforms) in the following month leading up to the draft but now he has no choice but to change plans.

Of course, no matter whose fault it is, these things are so common now with the Internet. One person needs to take a photo of a logo and the rest goes viral on the Internet. The best solution is for teams to just reveal the logo once it’s been decided. Teams that haven’t had these kind of mishaps with leaks normally are the teams that immediately reveal them or they somehow lock it up, bury it and dig it out when it’s time to reveal.

But at least with this out, we get a chance to see what possibilities are out there for the new uniform

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MLB’s Memorial Day caps have truly gone camouflage

CamoLast year, MLB had teams wear a digital camouflage cap for Memorial Day and Independence Day. This year for Memorial Day, it’s a full-on camouflage.

This is the first time teams will wear an outfit like this. In years past, it was various versions of the red, white and blue colors. Last year was the first time it was a camouflage design and it appears that they’re running out of ideas. Now that the red, white and blue idea has been dried, camouflage seems to be the way to go.

This reminds me of the Padres camouflage uniform. I doubt MLB teams will have a corresponding uniform, but this is clearly an attempt to really milk out our emotions for the troops and veterans. But I will say this. Last year, all proceeds from sales went to benefit the military. If it’s the same this year, then these designs are justified.

It appears that this will only be for Memorial Day and Independence Day will likely feature another cap. We’ll just have to watch and see what happens with that design.

Miami Dolphins adding white face masks to uniform identity for first time in team history

A fan’s concept of what the new helmet could look like. (By Joe Troia)

As some of you know, the Dolphins are getting a new uniform and logo and the leaks are out. According to the Miami Herald, these leaks are accurate and that is the new Dolphins logo.

But what caught my attention in that report is this:

The theme will carry on and now the Dolphins will add white face masks to the look for the first time. The white face masks will make Miami only the second NFL franchise with that look, as Kansas City also uses white.

Sacramento City Council approves arena deal for Kings

Is there hope for the Kings to stay in Sacramento? Maybe. I have never actually seen the Kings play in Sacramento ever before and I don’t want them to move.