Miami Dolphins new logo on helmet mock up

New logo photoshopped onto helmet.

With the supposed leak of the new Dolphins logo out there, someone took the time to photoshop it onto a helmet. I must say after looking at this for a bit, I’ve come to accept it.

I actually like the original logo and wish they never changed it. I like the Dolphin wearing a helmet hold a ball. But this once shows the mammal’s graceful swimming and it still features the sun burst.

This is the first real idea of what this helmet could look like with the new logo. However, no real details of the new set is known so this could be totally off of what it really would be. But if this is it, I can accept it.

5 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins new logo on helmet mock up

  1. Leave the helmet alone. I believe they changed it in 1997. It’s Great The Way It Is! I would suggest making some changes in the uniform keeping the aqua color the main color. The white color secondary and the orange and dark blue the trim color. I Also think theyshould go back to the original agua color before 1997.

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  3. I have seen many photoshopped photos and I have to say, I dont think this is photoshopped. If it is, whoever did it, is truly professional. If you look at the top of the strap, you can see a reflection on the helmet that is reflecting off the logo as well. Not to mention the tail of the Dolphin actually looks curved like the helmet. That could be the real thing. Perhaps a “prototype”.

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