Seattle Mariners ditching teal in 2014?

Check out the link in the above article by Through a post on Ebbets Field Flannel’s Facebook page (which would later be deleted), the Mariners are considering going with a cream white jersey and replacing teal with gold.

Whoa whoa whoa!

Where did this come from? Recently the Mariners re-added a teal alternate jersey and I thought the team was embracing their roots. After all, some of their greatest moments happened when teal was the in color.

Great throwback, but the change isn’t sitting well with me.

But this idea really isn’t sitting well with me. Sure the team has worn blue/gold in the past, but I am not sure if this is the best thing to do. One of the most iconic color schemes in baseball is the Mariners’ navy and teal. In fact, the Mariners are the only team in baseball that features teal in any part of their uniform scheme.

As much as I like the Mariners’ old school look that they might return to, this current set is too iconic for me to say farewell to.

There’s no word whether or not the change is official or even if they would go the throwback route. But my concern is that despite the team’s lackluster seasons recently, a new uniform set isn’t going to help it.

I assume that the majority of Mariners fans like their navy and teal. Bringing back gold and adding a cream jersey might not be the best thing.

But who knows? Maybe this is their attempt to start fresh and stop holding on to the past. I personally like the teal and wish it would stay. But if this holds true, marketing, brand identity and a fresh start is what the Mariners need and I can’t think of another way of doing it than giving the uniform set a new look. If the team can’t put together a winning squad, this is the second best option.

I’m hoping this doesn’t happen and the M’s stay the way they are.

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