That DeAndre Jordan dunk last night wasn’t all that

When I watched the dunk last night, my first reaction was “meh.” How could a dunk everybody is talking about just be “meh” to me? (I might be the only one who thinks this.)

Don’t get me wrong, this dunk was very powerful (especially with his off hand). Anytime you can knock someone down on a dunk, it deserves attention. But was DeAndre Jordan (6’11”, 265) dunking on Brandon Knight (6’3″, 185) that impressive? Bigger player overpowering a smaller player? (Thanks Woj for speaking truth.)

Knight had no chance. He’s smaller and really didn’t obstruct Jordan in anyway. Jordan dunked the ball with ease because there was no challenge. In fact, if Jordan had an open shot at the hoop, it would have been the same.

Great photo, but overhyped dunk.

The fact that Knight fell is the only reason why this dunk is getting the hype. Knight took a bad angle and was off-balanced. Any minor shove would have made him fall on his back. The hype isn’t worth it. There was no challenge.

Jordan is a talented dunker and I give him major props for his skills. But this dunk is getting way too much hype. In reality, Knight had no chance and was off-balanced, making his fall add more effect to an average dunk. (But he has a great sense of humor about it.)

For me, a real great dunk has to feature a challenge and I don’t think Jordan was challenged that much. Now if Jordan dunked on someone his own size with that kind of force, then we’d be talking.

Or maybe, if a smaller dunker challenged a big man. That’s always going to get the hype.

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