Take a deep breath: The NFL free agency period will be very intense

Welcome to the open market.

Having covered the free agency period for the past few seasons, I understand the craziness of it all. And when it hits 4PM ET today, all 32 teams will begin this journey of trying to outbid one another for NFL talent.

It’s not an easy thing for coaches and GMs to evaluate talent and determine what a player is worth to their team. It’s essentially like a draft. All those months of research and evaluation will have to come into play in the all out bidding war.

You’ll have agents pumping out information just to get their clients a bigger contract. You’ll have these players flying all over the place to meet with teams. You’ll have rumors floating around the Internet. You’ll have fake Twitter accounts too. Immediately when the market opens, some players will get overpaid. Some will get underpaid. Some will just wait and realize maybe nobody wants them.

And that’s the free agency period. Lives will be changed and teams will either improve or get worse. Big names will find new homes and maybe even bigger names will stay put.

No matter what, this will be an intense several weeks in the NFL. No championship run is won with free agent signings. But for some teams, they know this period gets them one step closer.


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