Miami Dolphins adding white face masks to uniform identity for first time in team history

A fan’s concept of what the new helmet could look like. (By Joe Troia)

As some of you know, the Dolphins are getting a new uniform and logo and the leaks are out. According to the Miami Herald, these leaks are accurate and that is the new Dolphins logo.

But what caught my attention in that report is this:

The theme will carry on and now the Dolphins will add white face masks to the look for the first time. The white face masks will make Miami only the second NFL franchise with that look, as Kansas City also uses white.

That’s big news! Throughout the team’s history, the Dolphins have only used gray and aqua face masks. Never have they gone all white. With the all white helmet (and their white on white look), this will be the most storm trooper uniform in the NFL.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the NFL has seen the all white look. In fact, the Colts had it for some time. And of course, the most famous football team in Miami sports history also features the all white helmet.

With the unveiling pushed back to April 25, the day of the draft, I hope the Dolphins don’t become the Cowboys and make white their primary look. I can dig an all white look for the most part, but I hope that aqua still remains their home set. Let’s see where this takes us.

36 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins adding white face masks to uniform identity for first time in team history

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  2. Since when is Aqua the Dolphins home set? They only wear aqua at home at night which is about as often as they wear ORANGE!

    Dont get me wrong, I really wish they would wear aqua at home more.

    • They wear white at home because it is cooler in the Miami heat and gives them a competitive advantage. It’s not about looking pretty for us.

  3. If they really want to win a SUPERBOWL this is not the way to go. They need to stick with the Old Dolphins uniform of the 70’s. This looks like a bunch of sissy A– uniform won’t get them there only a cruise ship would have this logo. I can’t believe it.

  4. I hate the new logo if it sticks. It looks very cheap. Don’t fix it if it’s not broke. The white face masks make this look like the some old USFL helmet. Did anyone think about the glare of the sun off of a white face mask. Idiots!!

    • I play for an Amature team who wear white face mask. I have never had, nor heard of anyone else having, a problem with glare

    • Is there any grown male who would actually wear merchandise with this new logo? It looks like a logo for a little kid. When was the last time the Steelers or Packers changed their logo? Joe Robbie is spinning in his grave!

  5. ok, I just showed my 3 kids the new logo and the Red eye design and I asked all 3 which they liked better. My 9 year old daughter said the red eye version looks meaner and the new logo just makes them look like a cutie pie. Is this really what you were shooting for guys, that we’ll now be known as the Miami Dolphin Cutiepies? Come on, myself and both my boys HATE this new logo and I have been a fan over 40 years. I can live with the sunburst, but not the Dolphin. I will be looking for old dolphin merch on ebay for the kids for now on rather than dress them in this (pardon my political incorrectness) gay design! It was bad enough you wanted Daunte Culpepper instead of Drew Brees and traded Wes Welker WITHIN the division to draft Ted Ginn (both no longer on the team) Do you guys even watch football before picking players? Management since Joe Robbie died have made it increasingly more difficult each year to say you’re a Dolphins fan in public. Don Shula please take command of this franchise and bring us back to where it should be as you did for all those years before!

  6. Interesting thought, they said they were going to white face masks but did not say the helmet itself was staying white.

  7. Thumbs down on the new logo. Only time you see a dolphin in that position, is when it is under water about to jump up out of the water. Subliminal message maybe…or to another thought to ponder, by dropping the helmet with the M on it opens up the speculation of the owner, Stephen Mickey Mouse Ross, getting ready to move the team. He has no fan support and is a total buffoon for past decisions he’s made.

  8. Lemme guess… The fins used the same artsy-fartsy designer that did the new Marlins logo? Their change was bad enough, but this new logo is HORRIBLE!

    The Dolphin’s previous logo was a serious improvement over the first original logo.. It was made cleaner, bolder and even tougher… this new logo however is NOT an improvement at all… it is only an embarrassment to anyone wearing it!!

    I for one will purchase no new merchandise wearing this “Cruise Line” or “Children’s Apparel” logo…

    Way to go Dolphin’s management… you try to fix what isn’t broken (and fail miserably) but you continue to ignore what truly needs to be fixed for the Dolphins to once again become a competitive NFL team.

    This logo change should not have been a consideration ESPECIALLY without fan input and support!

    I have been a Fins-Fan since the first game I watched with my dad when I was 6 years old in 1971 and proudly said so no matter how they played… win or lose… but now? I really doubt my loyalty is any longer wanted or even deserved…

    • Jesus Christ it’s a logo! Get over it. The old one was dated, this one is sleek and modern yet still has some traditional qualities.

      I suggest you look at the jags rebranding and appreciate how horribly this could have gone.

  9. You guys (and girls) are a bunch of crying babies! Maybe that’s why you like the “cartoon” version the previous logo had! As for the white face masks, it didn’t stop the Hurricanes from being dominant for all those years playing in the sun,,,no glare! Now either shut up or dial whine-one-one. Get over yourselves!

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