The marginalization of Chief Wahoo continues

I get why Chief Wahoo is offensive and if it disappears, I can understand it. But maybe because I have a soft spot for this team that Wahoo has always been my image of the team. One of my favorite Indians jerseys of all time is the vest where Wahoo is right on the left chest. Then again, I’ve been expecting this with the logo being minimized on the cap and introduction to their new wordmark. If this is the road to the end, I will miss it. But I understand.

Recapping Opening Day at the Oakland Coliseum

The classic walkway to the Coliseum.

Another Opening Day and another one I make. Since I live in Los Angeles, it’s a little harder for me to be back in the Bay for certain things. But Opening Day was one event I couldn’t miss. I found my way back to Oakland and it was going to be a great celebration.

The day started off with me watching other teams start their season through my MLB.TV app on my phone. Good stuff. It got me juiced up for the entire day. I couldn’t wait to get to Oakland!

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