Recapping Opening Day at the Oakland Coliseum

The classic walkway to the Coliseum.

Another Opening Day and another one I make. Since I live in Los Angeles, it’s a little harder for me to be back in the Bay for certain things. But Opening Day was one event I couldn’t miss. I found my way back to Oakland and it was going to be a great celebration.

The day started off with me watching other teams start their season through my MLB.TV app on my phone. Good stuff. It got me juiced up for the entire day. I couldn’t wait to get to Oakland!

The day started off with my arrival to the Coliseum. I wasn’t going to pay for parking at the stadium. I went over to the BART station and they were charging $10 there (weak) so I decided to just park a block away from the station. Free and good to go!

I walked through the BART walkway and you could feel the excitement from fans. People were just in line anticipating the excitement. Before I went in, I walked around the parking lot to see all the tailgating BBQ pits and they even had a makeshift wrestling ring. That’s pretty neat!

But the only thing that matter was getting in and watching the game.

Just sitting there as the player introductions went on really got me excited. The fans were electric. It was as if it was a playoff game.


You couldn’t beat the excitement from the fans.

Loud cheers everywhere when every single A’s player was announced. It was like a welcome home party. It really was pretty neat to see the AL West banner unveiled in left field. It was cool to see the pyros and all of that.

The pregame ceremony was just beautiful. It was worth it to come back just for that. The LET’S GO OAKLAND chants filled the stadium. It couldn’t have been any better.

Player introductions.

The game itself was exactly what I expected. Not the best performance but still, Opening Day was great!

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