How low did Adidas sink with profiting off Kevin Ware’s injury?

Before I rant a little, read the above article first. It has come to my attention that Adidas made the shirt and apparently Louisville approved for it to be sold. Because of that, we have this very strange situation. Adidas is using the injury that Kevin Ware suffered so they can make an extra buck with merchandise sales. Not a single penny made will go to Ware.

The team will wear warmups with Ware’s number, which is fine. But when it becomes a profitable entity, that’s my issue. Is it right to make money off a college student’s injury? Shame on all parties that came up with the idea and approved it.

Coincidentally, this is Adidas. I have never liked Adidas since they started outfitting the NBA and making their indelible mark in the NCAA ranks also. This just adds more to my disdain for them. But I do have to wonder though, would this have also happened with another company?

For $25, you can commemorate the injury and hope for recovery. But using the words “Ri5e to the Occasion” when a guy has a leg injury? That’s not right.

Louisville is outfitted by Adidas so naturally, we can only know what Adidas was up to with this Ware situation. But what if Louisville was outfitted by another company? To my knowledge, Nike, Jordan, Under Armour and Russell are other companies that outfit college basketball teams. Had the Cardinals been outfitted by Nike, would Nike have done the same thing? What about a lesser known company like Russell?

Adidas has been known to be in your face with their products. They like to grab attention to themselves on the basketball floor, as you have noticed with the sleeve jersey and zubaz shorts. Nike isn’t far from that either, but they’ve been very smart with their marketing and have remained pretty consistent with their products. Would Nike have done something like this?

That’s what I hope to never find out. I hope that Adidas realizes that making money off someone’s injury isn’t acceptable. But the fact that I have to even wonder if other companies would have done the same makes me worry about the  desire for profit regardless of situation.

Adidas sunk low with this. I don’t want to see another company follow on that path.


EDIT: Looks like we have some clarification. Louisville makes no profit and some of proceeds will go to scholarship fund.

2 thoughts on “How low did Adidas sink with profiting off Kevin Ware’s injury?

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