St. Louis Cardinals road set is truly a mess right now

I do not like this look.

Remember when the Cardinals let their fans vote on their road cap? Despite what appeared to be a clear majority vote for the blue caps, there was some controversy about it and fans wondered if the Cardinals lied about the results.

According to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, we have some clarification on it.

Finally heard back from Cards president Bill DeWitt III regarding the team’s road caps: “The fan voting was for only two days. We just wanted to get a sense of how fans feel about the road caps (red or blue). We will continue to wear red on the road for a little while, so fans have a good point of reference for both. Then we will decide on how to rotate the blue into the mix. Wearing blue against red teams is still an option.” In other words, this is still a bit of a mess.

It sure is a mess.

Here is the thing. I am sure the fans wanted and voted for their blue caps to remain a full-time road cap. But apparently the Cardinals wanted the red cap to be the featured cap since the start. Their strange timing and voting of the poll didn’t really help. In fact, I had a feeling that no matter what, the red caps would rule despite what fans think.

Is this fair? Was a change necessary? No on both ends and I don’t know what to make of this going forward. Are the Cardinals just trying to look hip but still being controlling with it?


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