Critiquing Cal’s uniform makeover for football, volleyball and basketball

It’s OK. Nothing to get all worked up about.

Now we get to see what Cal’s new image will look like. The team introduced us to a set of new uniforms by Nike. Here is the press release for it.

My first reaction was to the logo. The school says they want to emphasize gray. I don’t think it was necessary. I didn’t think it was necessary to even add this logo. But because of it, we see it now on the shoulder, pants and numerals. OVERLOAD!

Plus, because of the shoulder logo, once against Cal doesn’t get any TV numbers. Not a big deal, but I like TV numbers.

The collar design is OK. Nothing really standing out about it since it’s a little similar to their old set. The numeral font works with the sleek design. I would have liked the classic font they had been using but this I don’t mind too much.

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The art of getting a ball during batting practice

Last night I was at the Angels game and during the A’s BP portion, Chris Young tossed me a ball that was on the outfield grass.

I’ve read a lot about getting balls during BP and most of the time if catching a homer isn’t your thing, the next thing to do is to get an outfielder’s attention.

One thing that I learned is that you have to wear something that stands out. Last time I was in Angel Stadium, I wore the A’s gray jersey and solid green cap. That didn’t make me stand out. But last night, it was my yellow Bernie Lean shirt. That sure can grab an attention. And of course, I had my glove.

I think realistically, it’s not really an art form but just a good circumstance of chance. You just have to dress up to stand out, bring a glove and really know your players by name. Call them out when they get a ball and just look like you really want it. Soon enough, it’s bound to happen. Not every game, but eventually.

Don’t forget to say thank you to the player!