Stephen King’s book on how Tom Gordon saved a little girl’s life

Last night I finished up this Stephen King book and I really enjoyed it. Written in the late 1990s when Tom Gordon was the closer for the Red Sox, it’s about a girl named Trisha who gets lost in the woods away from her family. As she tries to find her way back, the only thing that keeps her calms is her Walkman and the radio signal she gets to Red Sox broadcasts. With Gordon as her favorite player, she hallucinates about Gordon being with her during her attempts to find her way back to safety.

I picked up this book not too long ago because the idea really intrigued me. Not only do I love baseball, but the fact that King would write incorporate some horror into baseball. King is known for both but this was the first that I knew of him combining both.

It wasn’t a very crazy story but as I read through it, I put myself in the shoes of the little girl (she’s nine in the book) and I could imagine that sometimes, the mind allows you to see things that aren’t there. And for Trisha, that’s what kept her going and motivated as the darkness of the woods overcomes her.

Reading about players from the old Red Sox lineup (Nomar Garciaparra, Troy O’Leary, Pedro Martinez) brought back memories of my childhood when I started getting into baseball. It definitely was a fun trip for me as well and it came through this fun book. I’m glad I picked it up. Now on to another book.