Welcome to the shop

Glad to see one of my favorite shops expanding. They have a couple locations back in the Bay (where I first discovered them) and I liked their old location. It’s a good place for just some nice street wear, including some sports fitted caps. I’m going to have to check these guys out soon.


Welcome to 7817 Melrose Ave. home to DomeFits, aka IKON.

Here’s some quick history for y’all. DomeFits was originally San Francisco based, ’till we moved to Los Angeles. Our shop has been at a few different places in LA, but we relocated to our most recent location a few months back. Over the years we have worked with many great people such as MF DOOM, Mellowhype of Odd Future, and Antwuan Dixon.

Its street wear. One of a kind t-shirts, pocket t-shirts, hoodies and tons of hats. Our merch is designed right here in the store and we put out new things every week or so.  The fabrics are amazing and its all up to date with the latest and upcoming trends. Next time you hit up Melrose or Fairfax, make a quick stop at Domefits/ Ikon, you’ll leave with something original in hand.


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Are the Lakers the only storyline in sports today?

Too much Lakers.

I know that ESPN wants to promote the popular storylines and so forth, but almost completely ignoring the Jazz and just talking Lakers all morning on SportsCenter isn’t great. This is no surprise, but all this coverage of the Lakers isn’t healthy.

Of course, this is their style so I can’t do anything about it. It was just shocking that it made it seem like the Lakers were the only team fighting for a playoff spot. A few brief mentions of the Jazz and Rockets doesn’t really balance it out evenly.

But that’s what we have and it’s hard to really follow SportsCenter when it’s constantly talking about the same sorry team the whole time.

Luckily, there was one change of subject in this rundown bar when I took this photo. But an hour earlier, it was filled with all Lakers. It’s just too much and I don’t want any more of it.

Looking at the bad guys in “42”

Eye-opening piece right here. After watching the movie, it’s good to know a little background about the “villains” in the film.