Quick reaction to Uni Watch’s information about the new Jaguars uniform set

Uni Watch has information of the new Jaguars uniform set. There are no images, but there are details on what it will look like. The information has not been officially verified, so we can’t say for sure if this is all true.

But let’s assume that it is all true, this is what we have and I will take a moment to break down each of the details that have been provided.

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Appreciating Stephen Curry

Steph Curry sets the record!

For years, the Warriors have made bad decisions during the NBA. For years, the Warriors have been looking for a consistent superstar that they can build off on the long term. Tonight, Stephen Curry officially cemented himself as the savior to all those.

Not only did he break Ray Allen’s record, but he did it in fewer attempts, showing us that he may be one of the premier shooters of our generation. The way that Curry has played all season shows that the Warriors have a strong foundation for their future.

This is a blessing to see Curry play. When healthy, which he has been for the most part this year, he is one of the best point guards in the game and his shooting touch is comparable to those of Hall of Famers past.

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