More and more NFL teams are dropping Nike’s toilet seat necklace

Denver is fixing up their toilet seat necklace and it looks much better.

As we’ve mentioned before, Nike’s jersey design template has some flaws. One thing that has received many complaints from fans are the toilet seat necklaces. It looks terrible and really out of place. In fact, it compromised some original design elements for teams.

Apparently though, some teams have decided to get rid of the two-tone collar design. As you can see by the above image compared to the design used last season.

According to Nike’s online shop page, they’ve photoshopped some gametime images with updates to the collar design. By my count, the Buccaneers, Ravens, Bills, Broncos and Chargers are the teams changing. The Saints, Rams and Bengals are keeping their toilet seat look and the Redskins white jerseys were not revealed. The Cardinals’ jersey is also unknown due to the picture.

Is this a sign of teams realizing that Nike’s original idea was terrible and they want to fix it? Even the Bills have dropped the entire Flywire deal completely. They look so much better now without the toilet seat necklace.

Nike has gone over through a minor change in their design template for the college teams so maybe in a year or two, they’ll adopt this and more changes come to the NFL. But let’s hope this doesn’t mean changes every year or two and it becomes a college-type deal. This is the NFL, so something like that should be avoided.

But progress is here with these changes. I hope that the new Jaguars, Dolphins and Vikings uniforms also eliminate the toilet seat necklace.


On a note, if you scroll to the bottom of the page here, how could they misspell Darrelle Revis’ name?

9 thoughts on “More and more NFL teams are dropping Nike’s toilet seat necklace

  1. I just want some damn sleeve stripes for the 49ers, That’s all. I’d be cool with bringing back the 80’s striped socks as well.

  2. Regarding mispelling of Darrelle Revis’ name, it is just confirmation these writers don’t take their their jobs as seriously as writers like you do. I remember many articles I wrote on NinersNation sucked cuz I didn’t give any heart for these stories. Only thing that was good was my grammar. I didn’t take it seriously at all. The only thing I regret are two things: It is the dadgum 49ers blog! Am I crazy, yes I was. Secondly, I can take the NinersNation by storm if I sat down, put all the facts and anecdotes together, and put more effort in them. I tend to give all my effort to deaf websites. But the regular mainstream websites, it seemed as if they were invisible to me, and vice versa. Few people commented on my stories and if they did most of the time it was criticism by
    others. It is like Liberace wearing army pants for a piano musical, with his
    diamonds hid away under velvet pillows back at home. That is easy to criticize,
    and it was a shame I didn’t put in more effort.

    Welcome Darrelle, to the Bucs, by the way. At least he won’t be defensing passes looking like a toilet plunger hanger.

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  4. The thick collars they’ve photoshopped in are still pretty ugly, so I hope that’s not the final design. Buffalo’s look is soooo much better now. I’m still wondering what the hell nike was thinking with that crap.

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