My quick take on the leaked Vikings and Dolphins uniforms

I don’t have much of an opinion on these two new leaked sets since they both are simple and not complicated like the Jaguars.

But here are some thoughts.

The Vikings kept it simple and it’s good. The helmet appear to be matte, which is a trend now. The shoulder stripes are also simple, which gives way to the pants stripe which apparently feature one large purple stripe with a thin yellow one down the front side of it. The most noticeable thing is the customized number which actually fits their identity well. I like it.

The Dolphins really are eliminating much orange, having it only be barely seen on the stripes of the pants and helmet. The wordmark is about their custom number. They appear to be emphasizing their white a lot, which also is the deal with their all white face masks. Overall, it’s OK. It just loses character being so plain.

Overall, these two did really good in simplifying their look. I think the Vikings hit a home run with their new set. Well done.

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