What Twitter does to fans and how they interact with athletes

Chris Culliver is active on Twitter and his Instagram.

One of the things I love about Twitter is that you can interact with people that you normally would never get the chance to. Getting a response from a famous music artist or an athlete is pretty nice and it allows that celebrity to appear “real” instead of someone we see on TV or in magazines.

But Twitter also gives the avenue for people to act a certain way that I don’t think they normally would.

This morning, 49ers CB Chris Culliver tweeted out a simple message to his fans. Given that he has had a rough several months with his homophobic comments before the Super Bowl and his recent tweet about degrading women, it’s expected that people have a disliking towards him. Also, his performance in the Super Bowl was very poor.

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Harrison Barnes’ dunk highlights huge Warriors win

Exclamation point.

With David Lee hurt, Harrison Barnes stepped in big time for the Warriors. The entire team shot 65% from the floor and won easily over the Nuggets. More importantly, every player on the floor was a major contributor. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Jarrett Jack had tremendous performances handling the backcourt duties.

But the game’s big stamp came as Barnes flushed this reverse dunk late in the fourth quarter.