Ziggy Ansah’s 3D glasses make no sense and it still confuses me

What are you wearing?

After some time to think about it, I am still confused. Why did Ziggy Ansah wear movie 3D glasses at the NFL Draft?

I know in the NBA, Russell Westbrook dresses up as a clown. But at the NFL Draft, it’s norm to dress nice. But can someone explain to me why Ansah felt the need to wear these glasses? They have no lens and serve no purpose. As a fashion guy, this really doesn’t work.

Sure, it doesn’t make his facial features look worse. But as a person who wears glasses, I don’t like it when people mock a physical ailment I have. What’s next, healthy people walking in crutches as part of fashion? Of course not.

The NFL Draft is today! Let’s throw away our mock drafts and just enjoy the show

This the busiest time of the year for all NFL media. But for me, it’s also a fun time. So many names and so many prospects’ dreams come true today.

I can’t wait to get to work today and really just absorb all the information and news as the draft picks are made. This is really exciting and I hope you all enjoy the three-day event. There’s nothing like it!