Memories of the NFL Draft one year later

One of the final photos I took for I still hope to see A.J. Jenkins make an impact with the team.

This time one year ago, I finished my final assignment for and moved on to the NFL Network. The NFL Draft has always been the toughest part of the year for me in terms of writing but it was also the most exciting.

With a year gone by, it holds on to a new meaning to me. It means that I’ve been living in Los Angeles for a year and I have also grown so much in my career since then. Also, it reminds me of where I’ve come from and how much I miss covering the 49ers.

But with the new change, I am better off for it. But I can’t forget the great beat writers I’ve befriended and all the players I’ve enjoyed interviewing. The 2011 season and the following NFL Draft will always be the last memory I have of the beat and it was such a great time.

I look forward to what’s to come in the next year.

Someone from Denard Robinson’s draft party wants to be on TV

Who is this guy?

Adam Dunn: “people would be batting .400” if batting averages weren’t reported

He’s not crazy because he’s right. It’s all in your head!

HardballTalk’s Anthony Castrovince reported on the Blue Jays’ use of a “performance coach” who professes that “batting average is Satan”. Somehow, that isn’t the most interesting quote in the article. In talking about how fans and players have moved further and further away from their reliance on batting average, Adam Dunn’s name inevitably came up. The White Sox slugger is hitting a cool .108 on the season and has hit a combined .184 over 2011-12, but contends that some of that is due to the pressure placed upon him when his batting average is reported in the media and flashed on scoreboards.

“I’m telling you,” said Adam Dunn, whose batting average has dropped in recent seasons, “if people didn’t post people’s batting averages on the scoreboard or in the media, people would be batting .400. I’m serious. I believe that. You look at Spring Training, and I know it’s a…

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