A standing ovation for Jason Collins

Jason Collins has come out and I hope that this becomes a movement in the right direction.

I remember watching Jason Collins play ball at Stanford. He was pretty good. He and his twin brother both went into the NBA and had pretty decent careers. I hadn’t followed Jason recently and I didn’t even know he was still active.

But when I noticed his name was being talked about on Twitter, I remembered him and wanted to see what had happened. When I found out that he had made it public that he was gay, I smiled. And when I realized that he was still an active player, it made me want to stand up and cheer.

The thing about this move is that Collins becomes the first active player in the four major American sports to do this. More importantly, with the NBA playoffs underway, this might have been the perfect timing and wake up call for the country.

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Last night’s Warriors game was simply magical!

I don’t want to go into a long-winded post, but I just want to say that I am so happy I was able to make it back up to the Bay to catch last night’s game.

The crowd was great. Not as great as We Believe, but still the best crowd in the NBA. The place was electric from beginning to end and what Steph Curry did in the third quarter was legen… wait for it… dary! I was just amazed at the show he put on.

The Warriors are in great position to finish this off Tuesday. I hope they do so they get some rest before facing a tough Spurs team.