Bloody result of Eric Gryba’s hit on Lars Eller sparks controversy

I do wonder though if the league will start implementing cages on the helmets or not. I know these hits aren’t as frequent, but every now and then one major hit comes and it makes me wonder about the safety of the players.

It’s OK Reggie Miller, I probably would have said the same thing on air

(Video contains profanity. NSFW.)

What a crazy game. The Warriors looked flat. Then they exploded. Then they looked flat again and barely survived.

But they did. They’re on to the next round against the Spurs. This series reminded us of how much of this team runs on emotion and trust in each other. It also showed that Stephen Curry is a star shining so bright right now.

Andrew Bogut played his best game as a Warrior and the hope of a healthy David Lee is also inspiring. Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green and Festus Ezeli showed veteran poise despite being rookies.

This kind of excitement got Reggie Miller to express it with some profanity. But it’s OK. The Warriors are moving on and I cannot be more excited!