Sharks are wearing black at home during playoffs again but this time it makes sense

The Sharks are wearing their black jerseys for their home playoff games for the third straight year. (I believe it’s three straight years.) This is something that I have loathed in the past but this year, I accept it because it makes sense.

The teal is such a better look for the team and since there are a ton of teams that wear black in the division, being the only team in teal is really nice. But in the playoffs, the all black look has been king.

But going with their thirds this year makes sense because the team is going to have a new uniform set next season. The specific changes are unknown yet, but it we know it’s the home and road set that will get a facelift. The thirds are staying so this is somewhat of a transition stage for fans to see the jerseys that will remain and the ones that will leave fade away.

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