Warriors losing that 2OT thriller/collapse to the Spurs sucked, but it’s not that bad

Stephen Curry gave all he got but tired out at the end.

Stephen Curry gave all he got but tired out at the end.

Crazy game. Crazy ending.

As a basketball fan, it was fun to watch. As a Warriors fan, it stings. But hey, it’s not that bad.

One of the things that I like to do before big games is really put things in perspective. And for the Warriors, their goal was to return back home with the series tied 1-1. That still is in play. Despite the tough loss in Game 1, they can still accomplish their goal and be on the right track.

Sure, they could have won tonight and all the what ifs could be erased. But for this kind of a team, maybe this loss isn’t as bad as it may seem.

OK, so here’s the thing. The Warriors should not have blown the lead. They should not have made all those mental errors. There was a lot of things that they should not have done. But as an optimist (and a guy who has been a fan of this team since their darkest days in the mid-90s), I have seen worse and I like to look at the bright side of things.

But the way I see it, the Warriors blew the game because they exceeded expectations. Who really thought they’d have a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter? Nobody. Now, of course, the team should have held on to the lead, not get into foul trouble and took better shots. I can’t ignore that. But for a team so young and still feeling their way as first-timers to the big dance, a mistake like this is forgivable in my eyes. But I never want to see it again.

The team still can go back home tied 1-1. And I would much rather them suffer a tough loss early in the series rather later. The players will learn from this loss. The coaching staff will also. They’re better off for losing and giving them that wake up call they needed. Unlike other teams, this team has a solid foundation. This doesn’t knock them over. It only builds them up to be stronger.

Obviously the team will have to find a way to relieve Stephen Curry of all the major scoring duties. Jarrett Jack needs to learn how to take better shots late. Free throws will have to improve. Klay Thompson has to be careful with his foul trouble. Mark Jackson has to find ways to outsmart an intelligent opponent.

MC Hammer gets it.

All of that will get figured out. The team is too smart not to figure it out. The Spurs showed why they are the veteran team that can win games like these. The Warriors saw it firsthand and truly know what they’re up against.

It’s just a game. It’s just the first game. Win Game 2 and the Warriors are in the driver’s seat. Learn from Game 1, be prepared for Game 2 and remember that the team is better off now because of this embarrassment. It was bad. But in the big picture, it’s not that bad.

And hey, win Game 2 and screaming lady stays quiet.

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