Regional SI Cover Features Sharp Shooting Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors

This has got to be the most Bay Area cover ever. Stephen Curry on the cover. On the top, a story on Bo Jackson, Willie Mays to Yoenis Cespedes. Then on the top right, another story on former Stanford star Jason Collins.

Inside Sports Illustrated

20COVv6CURRYpromoThis week’s SI features a look by senior writer Chris Ballard at the top complementary shooters in this year’s playoffs who give elite scorers room to operate and one star—Stephen Curry—who doesn’t need anyone’s help to find room to get off a shot. The regional cover is Curry’s first appearance on an SI cover.

During the Warriors six-game first-round victory over the Nuggets, Ballard says that Curry “appeared to be engaged in one very long, extremely thorough heat check.” (Page 52)

Ballard writes that Curry is a different breed who not only creates his own space, “but he also thrives in the absence of it.” Along with some nudging from his sharp shooting father Dell and coach Mark Jackson, Curry has adapted to defenders playing him tight by shooting more quickly and from more difficult angels. This has led to Curry scoring 59.1% of his buckets…

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