MLB’s statement on Angel Hernandez’s blown call on Adam Rosales homer brings no solution

How is this not a home run?

In case you missed it last night, the A’s were down to their final out and what appeared to be a game-tying home run was ruled a double, despite the umpire crew going to instant replay and upholding their original call.

All replays show that the ball hit the railing behind the wall. That is a home run. Angel Hernandez, the crew chief, says it was inconclusive. But it was very conclusive.

Here’s MLB’s statement on the matter via Joe Torre.

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Basketball Talk apparently still not giving Klay Thompson, Warriors any kind of respect

Shame on Basketball Talk.

More than half the league teams are not in the playoffs, so the amount of players names to cover are significantly decreased. And oh, Klay Thompson was the star of the game. No excuse not to spell his name right.

(Ironically, the writer’s name is spelled with a “K” and sometimes can also be spelled with a “C”. Ironic, yeah?)

Secondly, read the article and look at the last line. Somehow, someway, Thompson had 29 points in the first half (correct) and ended the night with 24 total points (apparently you can lose points).

Seriously, it just appears that they don’t care enough to get his name or stats right.

Is Ron Artest the writer here?

Umpire Angel Hernandez blows game-tying HR call in Indians-A’s game

Angel Hernandez is going to get it from A’s fans when he umpires a game there later this season. Only excuse that this happens is that he didn’t have any replay or the TV he was using was standard definition. Regardless, replay doesn’t work if people still get it wrong.