Has the big national media finally caught wind of the Warriors?

After at first making it past the first round, the Warriors got some attention for the wrong reasons against the Spurs. Blowing that lead made them look weak.

But people started to notice Stephen Curry. Klay Thompson’s Game 2 performance got people noticing even more.

Now we have what we see above. They’re worthy of discussion. This team is worthy of discussion for sure. They can make a big splash and tonight is going to be rocking in Oakland.

The umpires in the Astros-Angels game have been disciplined

Finally! Some accountability! But it’s still sad that the umpires this week have shown that they are not equipped for this job.

Bad week for MLB continues now with rules against pink bats for Mother’s Day

A common sight on Mother’s Day.

MLB is having a bad week with back to back nights of umpiring snafus. Now this happens.

On Mother’s Day, it’s a norm for players to use pink bats and other pink equipment for the day. But apparently now there’s an issue. Is MLB at fault? Or is the company Louisville Slugger that makes the bat at fault? Here’s a breakdown courtesy of Twitter.

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MLB account goes private for contest and it unleashes some angry fans to respond

MLB is doing another contest for their followers. They have made their account private (courtesy of a sponsorship with BlackBerry) so only followers can enter the contest.

The answer is “crying” obviously. But because of the backlash of the two most recent umpiring snafus, it has led to some fans to respond with answer that insults the umpiring situation in Major League Baseball. And there are other issues that were discussed.

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BATEOTD changes site layout to keep things fresh

Fresh new look to the blog.

After some long thinking (actually thought of it this morning), I decided to give the blog a little makeover today. I liked the old site layout but I felt that maybe a little change would be good after 15 months since the launch.

I didn’t want to go too far from what the original design looked like, but something that’s a little fresh. The misty theme is pretty neat in my opinion and an image or section of the blog clears up as you hover over it with your mouse. More importantly, I think I’ve found a way to make things less cluttered.

It’s simple. It has a classic feel to it but not boring or unoriginal. I’ll keep it and see if I like it. I think it looks great. Hopefully it helps establish an identity to my blog that’s recognizable to the sports fans out there. It might take a while to get used to, as it is still for me, but I think it’s good.

What do you think?