Jose Canseco’s strange tweeting this time attacks Captain America as a cheater

This week in Jose Canseco’s strange tweeting, he somehow thinks that Captain America is comparable to steroid users in baseball.

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Who’s at fault: Nazr Mohammed or LeBron James?

This happened last night. Nazr Mohammed (he’s still playing) grabbed LeBron James to prevent an open court attacked. James then responded by throwing Mohammed down. James received a technical and while he was arguing it, Mohammed shoved James to the floor.

James initiated it by not only throwing Mohammed to the floor, but arguing like he was the victim. Then of course as a reaction to that, Mohammed did something he shouldn’t have done by retaliating.

And there’s the argument for whether or not James flopped or he seriously fell over that much.

Both are wrong here and with the rivalry budding between these two teams, I don’t expect anything less. I’m OK with this really.