Sharks vs. Kings: Let’s get it on!

I don’t like the Kings. Sucks even more they’re the defending champs. But now it’s time to finish their reign of terror.

All California, all in right now. The Sharks match up well against the Kings. Antti Niemi is on a roll and this Sharks team is better than the ones of years past. They can win this. I believe it.

I might go to a game. Let’s see how much tickets are and how frugal I can be about it.

No more toilet seat necklace for the Redskins!

So with this news, I am such a happy camper. The toilet seat is slowly disappearing and teams are realizing that it’s just ugly. Glad the Redskins are getting rid of it. It looked just so out of place.

It’s also another example of how many classic uniform designs have been compromised due to Nike’s “innovative” designs.

What the new jersey will look like.

How crazy does momentum shift in a 7-game series?

After the Game 1 loss, I thought the Warriors lost all the momentum. But I knew if they won Game 2, the momentum would be on their side.

That’s exactly what happened. Game 2 was won and the Warriors were back in the driver’s seat.

Then the Spurs won Game 3 and it looked like they were in control. The Warriors had to win Game 4 to stay alive and that must-win scenario came the Warriors won.

Now we don’t know who’s in control. Maybe the pressure is back on the Spurs to win. Or it’s on the Warriors to steal that one game right now. Who knows?

Momentum is a crazy thing. This series is giving us some good basketball. What fun!

MLB’s Memorial Day Stars & Stripes caps are officially unveiled and I say no thank you

Camouflage Orioles cap.

MLB and New Era officially unveiled their caps for Memorial Day. They’re going with the camouflage theme once again. This time the entire cap will be camo with the logo remaining the same color on the cap.

You can see all the caps right here.

Of course, this is a marketing thing and I for one actually am a fan of camouflage designs. (Do any of the proceeds go to veterans?) However, this set isn’t to my liking. Unless the team wears a matching jersey like the Padres have done in the past, it doesn’t work.

What do you think of these? I don’t really like them and I hope it’s just for one time this year.

Inland Empire 66ers baseball was a pretty neat experience


I just got back from a game in San Bernadino to see the Inland Empire 66ers (Angels Single-A affiliate) take on the Visalia Rawhide (D-Backs Single-A affiliate). I had never been to this stadium before and I decided why not when my friend invited me. Plus there was a bobblehead giveaway.

The stadium was really small, but as you can see by the photos in the link above, the food was great. The experience is what I love about minor league parks. There are silly moments with fans, crazy sound bites from the PA system and the intimacy in small parks. I had a great time and I wouldn’t mind going again. And Adam Eaton was on rehab assignment, so I got to see him as well as some other prospects that could make the big leagues in a couple years.

But now that I am in the LA area, time to visit other minor league parks that are close by too. I love baseball. Good stuff!