Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas and the Twitter hate is unleashed

Andrew Wiggins is going to Kansas.

Top basketball prospect Andrew Wiggins has decided to join the Kansas Jayhawks to start his collegiate career. Billed as the potential next big thing, there are many fans disappointed that he won’t be coming to their school. But that doesn’t stop them from going on Twitter and wishing that he will suffer an ACL injury. (And a lot of Adidas hate even I can’t condone.)

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ESPN is holding a baseball uniform tournament and the seeding is all wrong

Vote as your heart desires!

EDIT: 10:12AM — The second round is already up.

Check out the uniform contest ESPN is holding right now. They’re ranking all MLB uniforms and putting them against each other in a tournament style bracket.

The idea is fine and the concept actually is pretty unique, but the seeding has me all confused left and right.

First of all, why do the Tigers and Cardinals have first round byes? What criteria got them that spot? Is it just tradition and looks? I don’t think the Tigers set is stronger than the Yankees. The Cardinals maybe, but no free passes for either teams please.

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New Era’s Back to Football Photo Day contest gives you a chance to become face of the 49ers

Click image to enter.

Click image to enter.

New Era, the official on-field headwear of the National Football League, is teaming up with the NFL to launch the Back to Football Photo Day contest.

This means is that 49ers fans will now have the chance to join the ranks of Colin Kaepernick and Patrick Willis to also become THE face of the 49ers.

The contest is live at and through New Era’s Facebook page. Quite simply, all you need to do is submit photos of yourself showcasing how you as a 49ers fan personally “speak with your cap.”  Whether you wear your cap sideways, backwards or flexed at the brim, show how you are bringing your own style to the game.

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