Reports: NBA Board of Governors vote to reject Kings relocation to Seattle

Tearing a team away from the community is a tough thing. I am glad the Kings aren’t moving. But this also means that the team has to put out a good product or else these talks resurface again.

Mark Cuban’s uniform contest and devaluing the value of his team’s fanbase

Mark Cuban may be one of the smartest owners in sports, but his latest move has gotten some fans questioning his morals.

If you haven’t heard the story, Mark Cuban is sourcing the Mavericks fans for ideas on a new uniform design. This isn’t uncommon in sports and it’s a pretty great way to get the fans involved. The only problem with this promotion is that Cuban isn’t giving much of a compensation for the design that ends up being chosen.

Here are his rules for the contest.

Who will own your design ? The minute you post it, the Mavs will. If you think its horrible that the Mavs own your design. Do not post. If you think its cool that the Mavs could possibly use your design and you will have eternal bragging rights , then post away. If we really like your design and you , I may even throw in some tickets. If we don’t use your design, it will still be here on this site for now and ever more for you to glance longingly at. If your design is close , if not identical to other designs and we pick one of the other designs, for whatever reason, then thats just the way it goes.

The easy argument is that if you submit the design, you know what you’re getting into. And I agree with that. Designers struggle to get recognized in the business and they have to pick and choose their opportunities. Despite the chance to design an international brand, the lack of compensation might not be worth the time and effort.

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Rolando McClain cements status as a bust with early retirement

This is pretty much all on McClain, right? Give some blame on the Raiders for either not researching and scouting him proper or not giving him the structure to succeed. McClain however is his own enemy for this and I hope that he gets his life right and maybe returns to football if he desires. But he needs to fix up whatever is causing him trouble.