The A’s need better #hashtags for their All-Star Game campaign

It’s great to get fans involved in voting and social media. The A’s are promoting the game by telling players to vote with certain hashtags. As you can see by the link provided in the tweets, they’re asking fans to use certain #hashtags.

And in a sense it’s a good idea, but it could have been thought out better.

They are as follows.

  • #JohnJaSHOW
    John Jaso
  • #MossIsBoss
    Brandon Moss
  • #MoreSizemore
    Scott Sizemore
  • #BringerOfVotes
    Josh Donaldson
  • #Jedhead
    Jed Lowrie
  • #CY4ASG
    Chris Young
  • #VoteYo
    Yoenis Cespedes
  • #HotCoco
    Coco Crisp
  • #Reddickulous
    Josh Reddick
  • #StrengthSpeedStyle
    The A’s Outfield
  • #GreenIn13
    The Oakland Athletics

It’s a cool thing, but if you go to the page from the tweet, you can see that they’ve gathered all the tweets that use those #hashtags.

Unfortunately, more than half of them have nothing to do with the A’s. #Hashtags like #HotCoco and #MossIsBoss have nothing to do with baseball.  I have no idea what #JedHead is either.

Good luck, even though fan voting is one of the least favorite things I like about the All-Star Game.

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