Texas A&M’s alternate uniforms are so Adidas

New Texas A&M alternate uniforms?

According to Uni Watch this morning, they have what appears to be an alternate uniform set for Texas A&M football. It is not confirmed, but all signs point to this being a potential one-time set that will be used for a big game. That big game could be the one against Alabama.

It’s essentially the same as the team’s normal set except for the colors. The only difference really is that the helmet is a gradient. It starts with black up top and slowly fades into maroon in the bottom. It doesn’t appear to be that bad either. And unlike the Jaguars, it’s not abrupt.

Now one thing about Texas A&M’s uniform I really like is the two-stripe shoulder that runs down to the compression sleeves. I honestly think that this is one of the best designs in all of football. With the essential disappearance of sleeves, extending it through the sleeves. I like how they’re keeping it with the maroon stripes.

But of course, this is Adidas, so they would mess it up with a forced three stripe. The pink arm sleeve is bad. The Adidas three stripes are unnecessary. This is Adidas and this is why I dislike them. And it clearly doesn’t fit into this uniform. What is good is ruined by the three stripes again.