Kobe Bryant is retiring if you believe what the Internet tells you


Earlier in the day, Kobe Bryant announced that he would have an announcement. Some speculated that he would announce his retirement, but it actually ended up that he was partnering with a non-profit organization.

But of course, if one fake account makes you believe it to be true, then people will believe it. That forced Bryant to come out and debunk those rumors.

Don’t be a fool. Not everything on the Internet is true.

Understanding the drunk athletes and how they all get into DUIs

Athletes fall victim to these things all too often.

This is in no way shape or form a justification for irresponsible drinking or anything following that, especially with driving. I’ve always felt that in order for me to understand an issue, I would have to actually immerse myself into it. With the offseason of the NFL among us, there will be a lot more stories about DUIs from the players. And it’s just not football too. Athletes all over the place are drinking too much, hanging out too late, and driving when they shouldn’t be. It’s too common.

It’s easy to put the blame on them and call them stupid. They should have called a car service, a cab, or something. And granted, it’s all warranted. These people are adults and they should know better. But sometimes the decision to say no is harder than it seems. Some people might not get it, but I get it.

I wouldn’t call myself a drinker. In fact, I rarely drink. An occasional beer if I’m out with some friends at a restaurant is normally the most I do. Every now and then maybe a couple drinks if I stop by a bar to chit-chat (if I can hear myself think). But mostly, I don’t find myself drinking.

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