MLB wants to celebrate the USMC and Memorial Day with this uniform

The email tells me that the deal comes with free beach towel!

We already knew that all teams would be wearing this United States Marine Corps camouflage cap, but also they will pair it up with matching jerseys.

In fact, I got an email this morning from the online shop promoting the new products and how if I spent at least $99, I’d get a free beach towel with it!

I’m pretty sure that the intent of this sale wasn’t to promote their new product by using Memorial Day as their launching pad. After all, Memorial Day is to honor all those who’ve died in war fighting for this country. But somehow, someway once again, combining a day of memory for the fallen and great deals on camouflage gear has become MLB’s norm.

As mentioned by Uni Watch, it’s one of those things where maybe the best thing is to not use the weekend as a marketing opportunity. It shouldn’t. But here we are.

And what makes it worse is that it just looks terrible on the field. Here’s the Angels and White Sox over the weekend.


I’ll be in the Bay for a few days and might not be able to update the blog during that time. I’ll be back up this weekend though. Enjoy yor week!


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