Mike Silver addresses serious issue with our generation

This is something that happens to me all the time. When something comes up and I want to know more about it, I take a quick second to figure out how I want to get the answer. When I know the answer is easily found via Google or visiting a news site, that’s where I go.

But every so often, I have people ask me what the score was to a game or what happened in the news. And they are asking me on Facebook and Twitter.

If they were talking to me face to face, it wouldn’t be a major issue. But when on the Internet, these questions shouldn’t be asked. Just go to Google and find the answer. There are many sports sites out there that have boxscores. There’s no need to go on Twitter and ask “What happened in the game?” when you can look it up yourself.

This generation is getting lazy despite having easier access to information. Silver’s follower isn’t as severely offensive as the others I just mentioned, but the story still remains true.

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