Appreciating the Spurs as a dynasty like no other

Consistently good for so long.

Call it what you want to, but despite the lack of sex appeal from the San Antonio Spurs, they are exactly what I love about basketball.

Most times dynasties can get boring, but the Spurs aren’t your typical dynasty. They don’t win three straight titles like the Lakers or Bulls. Instead they consistently make the playoffs and every other year, they win a title. They haven’t done it since 2007, but this year’s team could very well get one more.

I look at the core of this Spurs team of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili and just marvel at how lucky we are to watch these three, along with coach Gregg Popovich, produce such consistency for so long.

They don’t play that sexy brand of basketball. Players like Kobe Bryant or LeBron James sells tickets and merchandise. Duncan doesn’t do that. But every year he is the core of the team and this season he appears to have gotten better than ever.

At least for me, I kind of like the fact that even though these three are superstars in their own right, they don’t act or get the attention like them. Because of that, the other teammates can become stars any night of the week. They’ve been so good for so long because of it.

I would love to see them win one more title. That would be five total titles since 1999. Duncan would win his fifth and cement even more accolades to a Hall of Fame career. It won’t get as much love on ESPN or major sports media outlets, but that’s probably the way the Spurs want it.

Like the New England Patriots, the consistency and dominance of over a decade will surely be considered as an integral part of sports history years from now. But I appreciate it now. I recognize it now. I know that what we are witnessing from the Spurs is a mark of something we might not see for a while.

This could very well be their last hurrah at the NBA title. I hope they win it. They’re just that good.

Here’s another take on it via DeadSpin.

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