Who’s Jon Heyman and why is he tweeting hate about the Oakland A’s?

I actually know who Jon Heyman is. He covers all MLB happenings for CBS and is an insider for the MLB Network. He is a national writer. He seems to be pretty good at his job.

But then he tweeted that.

I have a few theories as to what he was trying to do here. Maybe he thought the A’s were hosting a four-game set against the Giants rather than two in Oakland and two in San Francisco.

But I think he really believes that a series like this should be played in AT&T Park only. Apparently to him, such a series can only be played in a nice shiny park. Sure, the Coliseum isn’t like AT&T Park but to put it down like that shows how very little he knows about the fans in Oakland.

Actually, it also shows how unprofessional he is to insult a fanbase based on his own prejudice.

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