A condensed Bay Bridge Series might be good for A’s and Giants

The root to the Bay Area rivalry between these two teams started in 1989 before Interleague became a fixture in baseball in 1997.

The annual meeting between the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants begin today as the Giants visit Oakland for a two-game set before finishing off the matchup in San Francisco immediately following.

This is the first time that the two teams would play at two venues in consecutive days. This comes as part of MLB’s new approach to Interleague play with both leagues featuring 15 teams.

This might actually be the best approach for this series. Even though three-game sets between the two teams would provide more revenue and excitement, the current format allows the fanbase to get as much out of this rivalry in one week.

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This is how some Americans feel about Memorial Day (NSFW)

Thanks Twitter!

We live in a country where we are allowed to express ourselves with freedom. And with today being Memorial Day, Twitter sadly has given people the outlet to not honor the fallen, but to insult them.



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Even with an opportunity to wear something different, Jim Harbaugh keeps it the same at Indy 500

Jim Harbaugh looking not too different from his coaching outfit.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh was invited to drive the pace car before the beginning of the Indianapolis 500. He is a part owner of Panther Racing and the driver J.R. Hildebrand crashed four laps into the race.

Too bad.

But what’s really shocking is that even with an opportunity to wear something outside of his normal wear, Harbaugh decided to go with the above look: khakis, black long sleeve and a black cap. Just like what he wears on the sideline.

But of course, I guess they’re really pushing that image of him so why change at all?

Mike Silver addresses serious issue with our generation

This is something that happens to me all the time. When something comes up and I want to know more about it, I take a quick second to figure out how I want to get the answer. When I know the answer is easily found via Google or visiting a news site, that’s where I go.

But every so often, I have people ask me what the score was to a game or what happened in the news. And they are asking me on Facebook and Twitter.

If they were talking to me face to face, it wouldn’t be a major issue. But when on the Internet, these questions shouldn’t be asked. Just go to Google and find the answer. There are many sports sites out there that have boxscores. There’s no need to go on Twitter and ask “What happened in the game?” when you can look it up yourself.

This generation is getting lazy despite having easier access to information. Silver’s follower isn’t as severely offensive as the others I just mentioned, but the story still remains true.

GIF: Watch and be amazed at Miguel Cabrera’s remarkable plate coverage

Middle of the plate is his weakness.

MLB wants to celebrate the USMC and Memorial Day with this uniform

The email tells me that the deal comes with free beach towel!

We already knew that all teams would be wearing this United States Marine Corps camouflage cap, but also they will pair it up with matching jerseys.

In fact, I got an email this morning from the online shop promoting the new products and how if I spent at least $99, I’d get a free beach towel with it!

I’m pretty sure that the intent of this sale wasn’t to promote their new product by using Memorial Day as their launching pad. After all, Memorial Day is to honor all those who’ve died in war fighting for this country. But somehow, someway once again, combining a day of memory for the fallen and great deals on camouflage gear has become MLB’s norm.

As mentioned by Uni Watch, it’s one of those things where maybe the best thing is to not use the weekend as a marketing opportunity. It shouldn’t. But here we are.

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Happy 8th birthday to YouTube

Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated pointed out this morning that YouTube is celebrating its 8th birthday today. On this day eight years ago, the site launched its first beta public site. It would later on in months when everyone would be able to use it, but May 20 was when it first breathed life to the Internet world.

With that in mind, I decided to check what the top 10 sports videos of all time were in YouTube’s history. Some featured some great diving videos from sides of cliffs. Some where bodybuilding videos. Some were put in the wrong category. And at #10 with over 44 million views, we have this nonsense.

Thanks YouTube for providing us great things even though we don’t upload the best things.