New Era unveils MLB’s Independence Day caps and they look cluttered

New Era’s creativity here isn’t that great.

We knew that the camouflage caps were only a Memorial Day thing. So I was left to wonder what the Independence Day caps would look like. New Era’s Facebook page showed us that this morning.

It’s the mesh fabric that the new batting practice caps have and I think that’s totally fine with me. What bothers me, aside from the randomness of a red or blue brim, is that the starts on the logo do not reflect the flag. As you can see by the Angels logo, the Stars are not parallel to each other. It’s just randomly placed.

It appears that the home team will wear caps with the white crown and the road team will be the gray crown. The brim colors appear random, so I don’t know what correlation there is for that either.

And since the Blue Jays are the only Canadian team, they won’t have the stars at all.

Overall, it’s not exciting but it’s not that bad. I jut don’t get it and I don’t see myself collecting this cap. But hey, at least it’s not a camouflage cap on ID4. That would have been all bad.

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