Report: Raiders fire PR director Zak Gilbert after critical SI story

I thought the Raiders had turned a leaf. that SI story actually put the team in a better light knowing that the team was in the right direction. Then Mark Davis decides to become his dad and do something stupid — something the article said they were getting away from.

NFLPA taking big step in support of LGBT community

We all know that the buzz about support among leagues, teams and players for the LGBT community grew when Jason Collins came out back in April. Since then, it’s been a pretty big deal and even in the places outside of the four major sports, there has been a support like none that we’ve seen before.

Athlete Ally tweeted this out yesterday, showing that the NFLPA is in support and actually will be designing shirts in that support. There’s a vote for which design should be chosen for mass production. I think B looks the best.

But the bigger thing here is that we are now seeing the evolution of how acceptance is starting to take over. It’s still a touchy subject but at least it’s not swept under the rug. This is a small step in the right direction, so it’s a good move. I’d like to see what else is in store for the future.

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Farewell to Grant Hill: the greatest “what if” in NBA history

Is there a bigger “what if” in NBA history? Grant Hill has to be that now that he has officially called it quits.

I remember watching him growing up as a kid. I even had a poster of him on my wall. He was smooth, he was quick. He was a great player to watch. Even his Sprite commercial was good.

But the nagging injuries, and the relegated bench player status did him in. What could have been will never be known. But I believe that he was a core fabric of my childhood and I expect him to go to Springfield real soon. He was amazing to watch.

Pacers’ Roy Hibbert uses homophobic slang term in post-game press conference

The sad thing is that it was probably force of habit from just regular talk from his friends. Sure, of course he shouldn’t have said it and I know that with the NBA trying to become a league that’s really accepting of all different people, this was just bad word choice right here.