Memories of Jason Kidd and that one time he bleached his hair

Remember this hair choice?

As a Bay Area native, I knew about Jason Kidd. It’s sad to see that his NBA career is now over.

But I really enjoyed watching him play. He was smooth with the ball, always in the paint grabbing rebounds and knew exactly who was open for a jumper. He is going to the Hall of Fame and I am so glad that I got to see him play for 19 years

I remember when he came up with the Mavericks and I thought he had great potential. But it wasn’t until his time with Phoenix did I realize that he was something special. It all worked out when he took the Nets to consecutive Finals appearances. I thought that he would get a ring there. But it was not to be.

His return to Dallas was amazing. He was on the tail end but was still effective. The team didn’t demand a lot out of him. But he did all that he needed to do to get that ring.

Thanks Jason Kidd for a fun run. I’ll see you in Springfield! Maybe you can bring back that bleached hair for old times sake!