Quick reaction to Dallas Stars’ new uniform

We knew about the logo for a while. Now it is officially confirmed along with a new uniform set.

They’re back to green, harking back to their first games in Dallas and their Minnesota roots. Also, the shade is refreshing and the black is subtle.

Because green isn’t as prominent in the NHL versus common colors like blue, black and red, this is a good move by the Stars. I like entire set and the bevel works in my opinion. Even the number being green on the white looks good.

Even though the stripes are different, it works and it makes the set distinct. A fresh start as the team moves out of the Pacific Division.

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I am not feeling the Hurricanes’ new uniform look

From first look, I was shocked that there are so many differences between the home and road set. The entire thing screams Team Canada to me.

As you can see, the stripes don’t match. The home set features a laced collar while the road one does not. There’s a shoulder yoke on the white jersey that will hold the nameplate, but not the home one. There’s an emphasis of the color black on the road set, but not the home set. In fact, the only constant on both jerseys is the crest.

There isn’t much else that really is worth noting. All the flaws are visible right in front. And what’s worse about it is that the team supposedly designed this in-house without any outside help. It just shows the lack of experience in design with this new set.

But there is one element of design I like about this set.

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