MLB tries to avoid another PR disaster with Cleveland Indians

Which one is better?

Remember when MLB had that issue with the Braves batting practice cap? Looks like they’ve run into the same problem with the Cleveland Indians.

What was initially as a Chief Wahoo logo has now been replaced with the block “C”, and the excuse is that they simply used the wrong image for the release.

But do you buy it?

First of all, Chief Wahoo itself has always been an offensive logo for some people and so desecrating it with a bunch of random stars doesn’t help. Oh wait, they’ve done that before. But this time, they recognize the PR nightmare that comes with it. The Braves situation from earlier this year proves that people aren’t having it anymore.

Since the Indians have been trying to phase out Chief Wahoo despite saying they aren’t, it’s clear that in a few years, I expect Wahoo to be almost gone from the team identity. This episode is another step towards.

The Indians are the road team on Independence Day so they were expected to wear their block “C” caps anyway that day. But the fact this kind of uproar occurred only proves that the Indians are in hot water and maybe these gimmick design ideas should be stopped to avoid anymore situations like this.

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